Reno Tennis Center Junior Programs

TNRS offers numerous tennis programs for junior players at the Reno Tennis Center. TNRS runs programs for all ages and abilities following the USTA QuickStart format – red, orange, green, and regular balls. Programs start at the age of 4 and continue into a player’s collegiate years. Whether a child’s dream is to join a high school team, collegiate team or compete in tournaments, the TNRS Reno Tennis Center program will help children achieve their dreams.

Reno Tennis Center Junior programs

Junior Development For All Levels

Our passion is to help our juniors reach their potential as tennis players and as balanced individuals. We start by understanding each player’s goals and then work hard towards achieving them.

Finding the right drill group fit for each player is easy. TNRS offers drill groups every day of the week that span the entire range of ages and numerous skill levels. In addition, we offer Private Coaching for players at all levels. TNRS has what it takes to help your child achieve their goals. Initially, we evaluate each player for drill group placement. 

Little Tennis Aces (Red – Ages 4 to 6)

The first stage in tennis development. This group teaches the younger players the basic skills of tennis with low-compression red dot balls. Max 6 students to 1 instructor.

Group Days & Times

Saturday: 10-11 AM (April-October)


Agility, balance, and coordination.

Drill Group Price

1 day per week: $70 per month
Drop-in rate: $20 per day

10 & Under Tennis (Orange – Ages 7 to 10)

This group is for beginner players and will use orange low-compression balls on a 60‘ court. Max 6 students to 1 instructor.

Group Days & Times

Tuesday & Thursday: 4-5 PM


Athletic development, technique, and developing a strong foundation for future development.

Drill Group Price

2 days per week: $120 per month
Drop-in rate: $20 per day

Only Available on Saturdays?

Group Days & Times

Saturday: 11-12 PM (April-October)


Athletic development, technique, and developing a strong foundation for future development.

Drill Group Price

1 day per week: $70 per month (April-October)
Drop-in rate: $20 per day

Junior Team Tennis (Green – Ages 9 to 17)

This group is for advanced beginner and intermediate players who plan to play high school tennis. Players will use regular and green-dot balls on a regular court.

Group Days & Times

Mon, Wed & Fri: 4-5:30 PM (April – October)
Mon, Wed & Fri: 3:30-5 PM (November – March)


Athletic development, technique, shot selection, transition, groundstroke patterns, serve and return.

Drill Group Price

3 days per week: $215 per month
Drop-in rate: $30 per day


Our professional tennis instructors have years of playing and coaching experience. They have experience coaching players at every level. We offer private, semi-private, group, and team lessons for all ages and abilities. We offer them all!


Individualized instruction geared to your specific needs. Instructor pricing varies.


Personalized instruction on strokes and strategy. Great for doubles partners!

Group Lessons

3-5 students of similar ability level focusing on improving your skills. A good option for beginner players.

Team Lessons

Our teaching professionals are available for coaching USTA teams. We can take your team to the next level!

Fee Assistance Application

TNRS aims to provide affordable tennis opportunities to everyone in the community. The City of Reno has a scholarship program that helps provide fee assistance towards certain recreational activities. Simply, apply for the scholarship and if you receive it, TNRS will discount the above programs at the Reno Tennis Center based on the percentage approved in the award letter.

Program Policies

Student Preparation
Students are expected to be prepared and on time for practice. (Notification ahead of time for absence or late arrival.)
Filled water bottle to be brought to class. (Half gallon jug is ideal for classes that run over an hour.)
Bring appropriate sun protection. (Sunscreen, hats, visors, and sunglasses are encouraged.)

Student Attire
Tennis attire must be worn at all times. Dress appropriately for the weather conditions. (On hot days wear a short sleeve shirt and shorts. On cold days dress in layers.)
Tennis shoes must be worn. If none are available, non-marking basketball shoes are similar. (Slippers, running shoes, boots and cleats are not allowed.)
If a child is dressed inappropriately, the parents will be notified, and the child will not be allowed to participate in the class.

Demo racquets are for short term use, children need to have their own racquet to participate.
If you are unsure of what size racquet your child needs, please speak with your child’s instructor.

Parents can view their child’s class from outside the court. Parents are not allowed on the courts during their child’s instruction.
If you need information on how your child is progressing in class, please feel free to contact the junior program director.

Professional Staff
Every effort will be made for the same instructor to teach a class court for the duration of the season. However, the club may substitute when circumstances arise which are beyond its control.

Good sportsmanship is encouraged and expected at all times, proper tennis etiquette will be taught during class.
Bad behavior, language, or abuse of equipment/facilities will be addressed by the instructor on court and communicated to the child’s parents after class for remediation.
Be respectful of others. Bullying and name calling in any form will not be tolerated.
Always be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to anyone else, such as throwing or hitting balls (when not asked to), throwing your racquet or any other object on or off the courts. None of these behaviors will be tolerated.
Demonstrate a positive attitude. Do not use any foul language, mock, tease, argue or complain to any other player or coach.

Tournament Coaching
When Reno Tennis Center juniors are ready to compete in USTA/UTR tournaments, TNRS coaches will be available to help the families navigate tournament play. We will help you find the proper tournaments, and may take groups of kids to various tournaments both in and outside of Reno. Please see Randy to get more information.

Makeup Policy
If drills are cancelled due to inclement weather, students may attend their regular drill group on a day that they don’t normally attend within that month. In the case of multiple cancellations in a short period of time we may do make-up drills on Friday afternoons from time to time.

Participation Policy
If there are two students or less present on a given drill group day, the class duration will be half of the normal scheduled time.

Holiday Class Policy
There is no class on federal holidays.

Program Enrollment
Program registration is completed online. If you have additional questions, please contact Randy Reynolds at (775) 240-6505.

Program Withdrawal

Program Withdrawal
We don’t require notice for withdrawal from the Reno Tennis Center Junior program, but we do appreciate it for staffing.