Tennis Tournaments

Tennis tournaments are offered for all tennis players in Reno, Nevada. Tournaments are a great way for young players to get match experience and build confidence. Check out these tournaments in the Reno Sparks area.

USTA Tennis Tournaments

USTA sanctioned events are broken into Levels 1-5 at a state, sectional and national level. Level 5 events are designed for beginners while Level 1 for the most advanced player. Winning matches at USTA events earns players ranking points which in turn determines state, sectional, and national rankings.

If a player’s goal is to earn a state, sectional, or national ranking, then the bulk of their
competition schedule should be comprised of USTA events.

  1. Visit usta.com
  2. Select “Play” at the top tab bar then click on “Tennislink”
  3. Select “Tournaments” and “Tournament Advanced Search”

UTR Tennis Tournaments

UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) events are designed to increase the probability of playing competitive matches throughout a tournament. Many events guarantee at least 3 scheduled matches all against opponents with similar ratings. A player’s rating is determined through competition results from either USTA or UTR, regardless of age or gender. So a player could compete against players of different gender or age, but would still be around their skill level. The goal of these events is to provide quality match play locally; reducing travel time, time spent at
tournaments and overall cost.

These tournaments are great for match play and tournament experience but do not count towards a USTA state or national ranking.

Local Tennis Tournaments

For more information regarding upcoming local tennis tournaments that are sponsored by the Sierra Junior Tennis Association visit www.sierrajuniortennis.org they would be happy to help you. 

Tournament Coaching Objectives

Tennis Nation Racquet Sports has always had a strong tournament coaching presence and is a huge benefit to our players. It can be an important tool in player development and helps us in guiding both privates and drills. Our main objectives when watching your children compete are:

  1. Assess mental and match skills to report back to main coach and site coaches along with other specific things to work on.
  2. Be there to help coach in a potential split set situation.
  3. Provide a good warm up in the morning (and later in the day if time allows).