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Come visit the best pickleball and tennis shop Reno has to offer. Our pickleball and tennis shop is open to the public and has tennis equipment in stock. Tennis Nation Racquet Sports is here to fulfill the pickleball and tennis needs of the local community. If you would like to know the people you are doing business with, and value customer service then support the local tennis and pickleball store.

Tennis Shop & Equipment Reno NV

Tennis Equipment, Pickleball Gear & Services

At Tennis Nation Racquet Sports, we only recommend tennis and pickleball gear that we’ve used ourselves. There’s no hype or fluff here—just the very best stuff that we’ve found to be essential to achieving on court success.

There’s a ton of tennis and pickleball equipment out there. Choosing the right ones can change the game.

Over the years, we’ve played with and tested racquet sports products to find the ones that can be real game-changers. Here are the critical few we believe in so much that we use them ourselves.

Tennis Stringing Services Reno NV

Racquet Stringing Services

$30 for most string brands, including Grapplesnake, Kirschbaum, Solinco, Toalson, Wilson, Yonex, RS, MSV, WeissCannon, Völkl, Head, and more.

$35 for Babolat RPM, Babolat XCEL, Luxilon 4g, Luxilon Alu Power, and other premium models.

Multifilament, Polyester and Hybrid string jobs available at both price points.

$18 for labor (bring your own string)

We have many strings available. For further guidance, call Yazir.

Tennis & Pickleball Grips

$13 for a new replacement (base) grip

$2 for a new over grip

Racquet & Paddle Demo Program

Find top-quality tennis racquets and pickleball paddles from brands like Babolat and Diadem for you to try. Our demo program is available to everyone. Each demo is $2 a day and you can try it out for a week.

tennis equipment & tennis shoes

Pickleball & Tennis Shoes


We offer shoes from top name brands available in stock at our tennis shop in Reno, Nevada. We only carry pickleball and tennis shoes that we have tried on the court and continue to use. Come see which shoes are best for your game.

babolat tennis racket

Pickleball Paddles & Tennis Racquets

Babolat & Diadem

Improve your game with a new pickleball paddle and tennis racquet at Tennis Nation Racquet Sports. Selecting a paddle or racquet that suits your needs can improve your performance and enjoyment of the game. Shop a variety of pickleball paddles and tennis racquets for juniors & adults from top-rated brands.

tennis balls

Pickleball & Tennis Balls


Cans and cases are available through Tennis Nation Racquet Sports at the pickleball and tennis store. Pickleball and tennis ball cases are ordered in bulk and will be ordered upon request.

Diadem Sports

Diadem is our go-to pickleball and tennis equipment company for all of our gear.

Diadem is the last American tennis brand that is also a leader in pickleball. They are rapidly growing and committed to developing cutting edge rackets, paddles, strings, balls and more to help players elevate their game.

They offer an exclusive discount just for you as an TNRS Fan: 15% off at checkout! Use Discount Code: Nation15


The best tennis training aid to teach players to control the ball with topspin.

We love TopspinPro for its ease of use and devotion to help tennis players learn how to hit topspin quickly.

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Caughlin Athletic Club

Caughlin Athletic Club Reno Nevada

Reno’s premier family fitness & tennis club. Caughlin Athletic Club has 8 tennis courts and 3 pickleball courts.

Reno Tennis Center

Home to 14 tennis courts and 16 pickleball courts. Making the Reno Tennis Center the largest racquet sports facility in Northern Nevada.