Reno Tennis Center Pickleball Programs

Reno Tennis Center offers numerous pickleball programs for players of all abilities, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Our talented instructors provide morning and evening pickleball classes during the weekday and on weekends throughout the year. Round Robin and League play are extremely popular at the Reno Tennis Center. Team lessons and private lessons are also available. Come by and check out the various pickleball activities that are happening at the Reno Tennis Center!

Reno Tennis Center Pickleball

Pickleball Play for All Levels

Drop-In Play

Drop-in Pickleball play is available on the back row of courts at the Reno Tennis Center. Paddle racks and drop-in guidelines are available on site. Here are some pickleball etiquette tips when coming out to play.

Pickleball Drop-In Play

All players are welcome!

Reno Pickleball League with Rob Imbasciani

Reno Tennis Center leagues include round robin and flex leagues at almost every level for year-round play.

League Days & Times

Saturdays 9-11 am (9 am warm up)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5-7 pm (5 pm warm up)

Doubles Pickleball League Guidelines

All leagues are 5 weeks (see attached League Schedule below)

$60 per player ($40 for Members)

USA Pickleball Rules are in effect unless otherwise stated.

League Scoring Format

  • Six games to 11-win by 1 will be played each day (about 90 minutes) during the scheduled time slot.
  • Game scores will be recorded by the players at the completion of each game.
  • Round robin format is in effect. Pickleball Den will determine who plays together next. Once all games have been completed on your designated court, the League Director will begin the next round. 
  • League standings will be determined by Pickleball Den. 

League Schedule





Registration Info

STEP 1: Register on Pickleball Den CLICK HERE

STEP 2: Register and make payment on Court Reserve by utilizing the BUTTON BELOW.

For questions contact the League Director Rob Imbasciani.

Pickleball Drills

Take your game to another level by participating in our instructive adult drills that are offered weekday mornings and evenings as well as on weekends. These are fun, cooperative, and competitive drills for players of all abilities.

Adult Drill Class

Tuesdays & Saturdays (Chris)

Time: 8 A.M. – 9:30 A.M. (April – October)

Time: 10 A.M. – 11:30 A.M. (November-March)

$20 Drop-in

Maximum 6 Participants


We offer private, semi-private, group, and team lessons for all ages and abilities. We offer them all!


Individualized instruction geared to your specific needs.


Personalized instruction on strokes and strategy. Great for doubles partners!

Group Lessons

3-5 students of similar ability level focusing on improving your skills. A good option for beginner players.

Team Lessons

Our teaching professionals are available for coaching pickleball teams. We can take your team to the next level!

Adult Camps

Intro to Pickleball Camp

Each camp consists of 4 classes which focus on forehands, backhands, volleys, serving and returning, and game play.

First two weeks of every month. (April – October)

Monday & Wednesday

Time: 5:30 P.M. – 7 P.M.

$75 for the Month

Maximum 8 Participants

Additional Information

Adult Academy registration is completed online. If you have additional questions please contact Randy at 775-689-2975, or email support@tennisnation.com.

We value your input and will add programs and staff as the need arises. We look forward to serving the public at the Reno Tennis Center for years to come!