Caughlin Athletic Club Fall Camp

Fall Tennis Camp is designed for boys and girls ages 4-14. The program runs Monday through Friday.

Caughlin Athletic Club Fall Camp
Junior Fall Camp (Half) – Ages 4 to 6

Junior Fall Camp is for boys and girls 4-6 years old. The camp runs Monday – Friday. If class is canceled due to environmental conditions, we will have a make-up day on the weekend.

Half Camp:
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Price is $120 per week. Drop-in $30.
*Non-Members pay 10% more for junior programs and camps.

  • 9:00 – 11:00 Tennis Instruction, Drills and Games
Junior Fall Camp (Full) – Ages 6 to 13

Junior Fall Camp is for boys and girls 6-13 years old. The camp runs Monday – Friday. If class is canceled due to environmental conditions, we will have a make-up day during the weekend.

Junior Fall Camp:
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Price is $230 per week. Drop-in $55.
*Non-Members pay 10% more for junior programs and camps.

  • 9:00 – 11:00 Tennis Instruction and Drills
  • 11:00 – 1:00 Lunch, Games and Theme Activities*

*Games and theme activities include off-court activities such as water games, soccer, capture the flag, kickball, and frisbee.

Campers should bring a lunch and may purchase additional food on site. Some snacks and drinks are provided.

Camp Sessions

Fall Break Week: 10/? – 10/? in 2024

Registration & Payment

Payment must be received in order to reserve spot for each session. No refunds – see online refund policy. We accept credit cards (MC, Visa) or please make checks payable to “Caughlin Athletic Club” and bring to Caughlin Athletic Club or mail to:

Caughlin Athletic Club
4100 Caughlin Parkway
Reno, NV 89519

You may register online by utilizing the registration forms above.

Email rreynolds@tennisnation.com or call 775-240-6505 with questions.


Waiver of Liability for Participation at Caughlin Athletic Club and Tennis Nation Racquet Sports

It is expressly agreed that all use of the Caughlin Athletic Club Tennis Courts, Caughlin Athletic Club Tennis Facility, and the property on which the Center operates shall be undertaken by the Participant or Participant’s Guest at his or her sole risk, and that Tennis Nation Racquet Sports (TNRS) shall not be liable for any injuries or any damages to Participant or Guest or to property, of Participant or Guest or be subject to any claim, demand, injury, or damage whatsoever, including, without limitation, those damages, resulting from acts of active or passive negligence on the part of TNRS, its officers, or its Participants or Guests. The Participant and Guest forever releases and discharges TNRS, its owners, employees, successors from all claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions, or cause of action. TNRS shall not be responsible for liability to the Participant or Guest for articles damaged, lost, or stolen in or about the Facility or for losses or damages to any property, including but not limited to automobiles and the contents thereof.

I understand that Caughlin Athletic Club (CAC), Tennis Nation Racquet Sports (TNRS), and its staff members are not responsible for any accidents and/or medical or dental expenses incurred as a result of participating in CAC/TNRS activities. It is understood and agreed upon that all health or accident insurance claims are the responsibility of the participant and will be covered by the participant’s insurance.

Acknowledgment of Photo Waiver: TNRS may take and use photographs, video, film, and images of my child participating in or observing the activities. I waive any right or privacy, publicity, compensation, copyright, or other rights to those images and I consent to TNRS using those images.

Program Policies

Student Preparation
Students are expected to be prepared and on time for practice. (Notification ahead of time for absence or late arrival.)
Filled water bottle to be brought to class. (Half gallon jug is ideal for classes that run over an hour.)
Bring appropriate sun protection. (Sunscreen, hats, visors, and sunglasses are encouraged.)

Student Attire
Tennis attire must be worn at all times. Dress appropriately for the weather conditions. (On hot days wear a short sleeve shirt and shorts. On cold days dress in layers.)
Tennis shoes must be worn. If none are available, non-marking basketball shoes are similar. (Slippers, running shoes, boots and cleats are not allowed.)
If a child is dressed inappropriately, the parents will be notified, and the child will not be allowed to participate in the class.

Demo racquets are for short term use, children need to have their own racquet to participate.
If you are unsure of what size racquet your child needs, please speak with your child’s instructor.

Parents can view their child’s class from outside the court. Parents are not allowed on the courts during their child’s instruction.
If you need information on how your child is progressing in class, please feel free to contact the junior program director.

Professional Staff
Every effort will be made for the same instructor to teach a class court for the duration of the season. However, the club may substitute when circumstances arise which are beyond its control.

Good sportsmanship is encouraged and expected at all times, proper tennis etiquette will be taught during class.
Bad behavior, language, or abuse of equipment/facilities will be addressed by the instructor on court and communicated to the child’s parents after class for remediation.
Be respectful of others. Bullying and name calling in any form will not be tolerated.
Always be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to anyone else, such as throwing or hitting balls (when not asked to), throwing your racquet or any other object on or off the courts. None of these behaviors will be tolerated.
Demonstrate a positive attitude. Do not use any foul language, mock, tease, argue or complain to any other player or coach.